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Dinner Menu

Our dinner menu is available during all of our opening hours. Dishes consist of big portions designed for partner or group dining. Any leftovers from dine-in orders can be taken home in containers which we provide.


Your first time ordering from us? Hard time choosing what to eat tonight? Below is a list of some of our most popular items. Items highlighted in gold are especially beloved and well-recognized:

A1: Chicken Pakora

S5: Hot & Sour Soup

F12: Chili Calamari (Dry)

G3: Guyanese Style Fried Rice

C1: Bombay Chicken

B4: Manchurian Beef (Gravy)

V1: Manchurian Vegetable Balls (Gravy)

N11: Manchurian Chicken Hakka Noodles

R13: Manchurian Chicken Fried Rice​​